My clients are diverse ranging from expat spouses (people who follow their spouses abroad or who move abroad for love) until repatriates, including those who are thinking about repatriation. Building a life abroad or at home after living abroad is an adventure as much as it is a challenge. If you need help or support at any stage, contact me and we can see how we can work together.

Expat spouses often have difficulties with re-defining themselves in the foreign country. They are unsure about who they are or simply “don’t feel themselves” abroad. Both of them are valid reasons for turning for help.

People who are considering repatriating often have worries about the repatriation, coaching helps to eliminate their concerns and to build confidence in this process. Sometimes they also approach me because they have difficulties deciding if repatriation is the best step for them. The reason why repatriates turned to me was because they didn’t feel well being back at home and out of place. They were often surprised by the intensity of their reactions, so it was calming for them to hear that they reactions were natural and OK.

Coaching is available for anyone navigating a life or returning from abroad, feel free to send me a message if you think I can help you. I know from my own experiences as an expat and licensed coach how draining fighting alone in a foreign culture can be sometimes, how lonely, vulnerable expats are sometimes or that how overwhelmed one can be by the unforeseen challenges finding love abroad might bring. Everybody faces his or her own challenges abroad, we don’t need to feel ashamed about it. I am here to help you find your way through your journey abroad.

Whichever matters for you at the given time, at the given place.
This can cover quite a wide spectrum, so I would like to give you a few examples that I frequently help clients with in their coaching sessions.

EXPAT SPOUSES: Self- care and self - management, how to relax or refill their energies, and rebuilding their careers abroad are all topics I’ve guided my clients. I also find it necessary to discuss culture shock, so I inform expat spouses about the typical emotional, cognitive, and behavioral manifestations of culture shock. In the process, it is almost inevitably necessary to explore the communication between the expat and the spouse: they are their own allies in the foreign country and need to be put at each other’s side, needn’t they? If they can express understanding and support to each other, living abroad is much easier. Last but not least, it is also common that we devote a session for exploring the spouses’ old identities: the one they had in their home – countries and their current aspirations. Earlier (career) identity and current aspirations can be excellent sources to identify potential (career) identity opportunities and see which routes abroad we can choose. When my clients compare their ideal options with the work possibilities in the new country, their way forwards becomes crystal clear.

REPATRIATES: Repatriation is the time for rethinking and re-arranging one’s life and next steps forward. Unfinished relationships (at work, with friends or with lovers) often hold ourselves back from moving further, which needs to be ”put” at the right place to feel at ease and harmony.

There is often a need to know more about repatriation shock‒which, believe it or not‒ can be more difficult than culture shock. It is good to be aware of the symptoms that stem from the shock and our own personality. I have also noticed that sometimes repatriates do have their strategies for taking care of themselves, but these strategies need to be re-adjusted to new circumstances in their home countries. The same is true to their old friendships and family relationships, which can be a painful process. Some relationships will fade away, others unexpectedly renewed, or completely new ones will emerge. Repatriates need to find the place of courage in themselves to say ”no” to some old relationships and ”yes” to the ones that fit to the new person they have become abroad. Once my clients manage to come in harmony with their relationships abroad and at home with their self-care strategies, they start working on developing a new missions and goals for themselves, where their experiences abroad are valued and integrated back at home.

PEOPLE WHO THINK ABOUT REPATRIATING often have fears about what future awaits them when they return, therefore their coaching sessions we often look behind their fears. I stand by them as they face with what lies beneath. Once they know what they are really worried about, I support them in developing strategies that they would execute if the worst scenario would happen. It is good to realize that we have control over the situations, isn’t it? Beside working with their fears, I guide repatriating people to spend time objectively evaluating the losses and gains of a possible repatriation, which helps them accept the situation and come to peace.

Expat coaching is more holistic and flexible to your needs abroad. These sessions can focus solely on your career, if this is what you need but you can also express yourself and work through other challenges specific to life abroad: your well-being and harmony, love relationships, family ties, or making friends abroad.


Well, that you give it a go and try it.

It is important to be ascertained that our co – operation will be successful before we enter into a coaching process. For that reason, an introductory session precedes the coaching process, where we make a contract with each other at the end (if we decide to work together), and which price is lower than the usual coaching session prices (€55 in Western Europe and in North America, for prices in other regions, please contact me).

This first session is hence dedicated to you sharing your challenges and getting to know each other. I will also inform you about the coaching framework I use so that we can both decide at the end of the session about our co – operation, and you can also come to a decision whether you are willing to commit yourself to your goals and to the coaching framework.

If we are not the best fit to each other or if certain topic that you would like to discuss falls out of my expertise, I refer you to a professional who can best help you meet your goals.
Sometimes it happens that the client approaches me in a phase when he or she is not ready, yet, for making changes (you need to ‘mature’ for making your changes, and it is important to respect that transition period). If this is the case by you we either do not touch those sensitive areas, yet, at the sessions, and deal only and at the pace when you feel safe dealing with them, or if you have resistance against the main topic of the coaching contract, I will advise you to wait with the coaching a little bit until you get the motivation and determination for it. Please note, that this suggestion is not against you rather that I would like to respect both your current position in your change process and my work.

As you can see, I take the first, introductory session very seriously, and I only contact for coaching processes where I can identify the necessary conditions of a successful coaching co – operation.

What others got from coaching with me:

  • A partner who accompanies them: They don’t feel alone anymore, nor they need to be isolated on their journeys of self-discovery abroad.
  • New perspectives to approach their situations: Often my former clients have expressed surprise that there is someone, who has not only experienced expatriation and repatriation themselves, but who also researches, teaches, and is a trained coach on the topic.
  • Understanding and acceptance.
  • Inspiration and encouragement.
  • A supportive and safe environment to make decisions and to take the next steps needed.

Changes others experienced from coaching with me:

  • Inner peace and harmony, a kind of everything is alright – feeling. You can release the unnecessary stresses to only manage what you need and can let go.
  • Clarity: It becomes clear for what my clients truly wanted, especially free from external expectations and their inner obstacles.
  • Energy. They left the room feeling energized to make the next steps to make their new goals and careers happen.

If you would like more information what is like to work with me, please click here for in-depth testimonials from past clients and their work with me.

The sessions could be hold online (via Skype or Zoom, within the EU sometimes via telephone) or in person in Vienna, Austria or in Budapest, Hungary.

One coaching session lasts for 55 minutes, but we may alter from it to some extent if the topic requires it.


One 55 minute long session costs €150.

Students and people with lower income are paying a lower fee.


When we have the session in person, you can pay in cash or with bank transfer.

By online coaching the payments could be made with bank transfer.

If you choose to pay through a bank transfer, please make the payment at least 48 hours before the session. Sometimes it is difficult to foresee how long the payment lasts, therefore if you make a last – minute payment or if you are uncertain about the arrival of the payment for some reason, then please, forward me the statement about it via e-mail or bring it with you to the session, otherwise we can’t start the session.

If you notify me at least 48 hours before the session, then nothing. Simply, send me an e-mail and we will reschedule the session.

If you notify me about it less than 48 hours before the session, the session price will be charged.

You are welcomed to contact me via e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or at the form below.

I offer a 30-minute introductory session for free. Please get in touch with me, if you would like to apply.