One of the most difficult parts of living abroad that I see is being alone, far away from the support network we had so far. Therefore at this coaching workshop the participants explored their individual challenges at a private coaching session, and then learnt about moving forward and building up their support network abroad as well.

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References from workshop participants:

‘I got a new re-enforcement at the workshop that I can achieve anything, just I need to believe in it and don’t give it up. And that it is me who has responsibility for what is happening to me, it is me who has the power in my life.’

'The workshop participants helped me a lot through understanding and listening during the different tasks we have mastered. Besides the overall climate was very supportive, especially the openness and respectfulness that I´ve felt. Being together in familiar surroundings, sharing life stories with each other and knowing that we all strive for the same goal had a power effect on me.'