Living abroad always introduces a list of challenges both physically and emotionally, such as feeling out of place, culture shock, identity confrontation, and exploring new self-survival tactics.

This evening gave the opportunity for being part of a discussion that provides the latest research findings about the psychology of living in a foreign country. The interactive and facilitated dialogue participants could ask questions, connect and reflect on their experiences, express their hopes and wishes, and share them with others in the same situation.

At this workshop we have explored culture shock in theory and in practice, and learnt coaching tools for making this period of expatriation more pleasant.

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Sometimes we are occupied with the daily struggles and difficulties of living in a foreign country.

At this workshop participants had the opportunity to discover the heroic perspectives of their stories and to see themselves as heroes/heroines, who go through several adventures and challenges until they reach their dream and leave the scene as a different, stronger person. 

I like the hero’s journey coaching tool very much because finding the hero/heroine within ourselves gives tremendous power, drive and goal to our activities.

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