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Have you moved to Hungary with your partner? Or for your partner?

Relocation to a foreign country often introduces intense emotional challenges for the accompanying expat spouse, which can be quite difficult sometimes.

Don't worry if you experience some of the following symptoms on yourself:

- you feel out of place,
- you don't know what to do with your career,
- you would like to do something meaningful, but you feel yourself stuck professionally and in your private life,
- you are confused about your cultural or career identity,
- you feel desperate, helpless, lonely, frustrated or angry over the move,
- you are afraid of contacting to people in Hungary.

There are solutions for your challenges.

How can I help you at the coaching sessions?

- you will find a safe place by me for expressing your thoughts, concerns, emotions, hopes and wishes freely, without being afraid to be judged
- you will get factual information about the natural physical, emotional and cognitive consequences of a relocation, which can confirm your experiences and also releases stress from your shoulders
- you will find support for developing your self - care plan and self- survival tactics that can ease your emotions, and make you feel grounded and harmonious again
- I help you with clarifying your true desire both in your career and in your general well - being likewise, and you get encouragement for making them come true
- you will get inspiration from hearing what tactics worked for other expatriates, and what did not
-I stand by you as you move out of your comfort zone, and try new things.

Send me an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., if you would like to use this technique for solving your problems.

The first, introductory 30-minute session is for FREE.

Price of the continuing, normal sessions: 20.000 Ft (they last between 60 and 90 minutes depending on the topic)

Introductory price: 11.000 Ft (instead of 20.000 Ft) only until 31st October, 2018.

The coachings are hold via Skype or telephone.


About me: Nóra Szűcs, PhD

It was more than 14 years ago the first time I experienced living in a different country, and since then both my private and professional lives have intertwined with it.

I grew up in Hungary, but I also have experiences with living in Sweden, in the UK, in Germany, and now I have been living in Austria for 7 years, where I have been both researching and lecturing the psychological aspects of an expatriate life at the Vienna University of Business and Economics.  I got my PhD title for studying women's experiences abroad in 2018, and now I am researching men's experiences in a foreign country.  

I have been giving workshops and coaching for both expats and repats since 2011. I see myself as the follower of transactional analysis in my coaching work, which approach has been developed by Eric Berne.  I regularly give presentations about expatriation at international conferences. Beside my academic publications, I have also written a book about Hungarian women's experiences abroad (Wings and Roots: Life abroad with the eyes of Hungarian women), which has been published by Ursus Libris in 2015.



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