Some customer reviews of the coaching process and workshops

"We hired Ms. Szucs to provide knowledge, increase awareness, and facilitate a discussion on how living abroad affects one's identity development. The students greatly benefited from being able to share and reflect on the changes to their identity in the safe context of Ms. Szucs presence and as a result of her ability to empathically reflect back and validate what they shared."

Meral Kölblinger IES Abroad

"I am a person tending to think „black or white” and Nóra managed to give „eyeglasses” to me via different techniques and insights which help me to see a more colourful world."

S. R. manager of a
multinational company

"The coaching with Nora was very informative and interesting. My core values as a leader and business owner became clear for me which has also changed my client relationship in a very positive way. Further, I have learnt how to effectively communicate with my employees. I have also started reading more books on business development to efficiently develop my business on my own. After comparing myself before and after the coaching, the greatest impact of the sessions was the tremendous self-confidence I gained. The practical training sessions were also very helpful."

P. Z. -T. expatriate entrepreneur,
Vienna Austria

"I can't thank Nora enough for this amazing experience! After each session I felt calm and so happy. She taught me many wonderful and effective techniques that I can use myself now. She could always look at the point and see a bigger picture and then make me see that picture clearly just by asking one specific question. And I always felt very comfortable sharing absolutely everything about myself to her. Honestly, I can't describe how grateful I am to meet her. During the coaching process, my depressive symptoms have just disappeared, Nóra made me want to live again with a big hope for my bright future. It is just priceless!"

Zhuldyz a repatriate to Kazakhstan

"As I have been struggling with my situation in shame for five years, I felt hesitant that anyone could help me in not being so afraid of making job applications abroad. But right after the first session with Nóra, I felt amazing, energized, and motivated to begin my journey. Applying for jobs has not only become a normal thing to do, but even like a fun –experience. What made this change in me were Nóra’s abilities for creating a safe place for sharing my biggest concerns, her empathy, and the fact that she has respected my boundaries throughout the session, not to mention that she helped me developing a better picture about myself by validating my fears."

Marina international graduate student