Meaningful Life Or Staying In The Comfort Zone? – The Potential Trap Of An Expat Life

Funnily enough, sometimes it is exactly our pleasant (not bad enough) circumstances, which prevent us from making the step we really want to do.
Here are four ways how a good expatriate life can be a difficulty along the way, and how you can overcome them.

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Expat Q&A – Top tips to get over homesickness

Homesickness - the simple basic experience everyone is familiar with who has ever moved to a new place.

How can you smooth its pain and how can you tell when is it worth taking a more introspective look because there is something else behind it?

These are the questions I discussed in this article.

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Expat Q&A – Top tips to thrive in a brand new culture

Much has been said about the similarities between being on a honeymoon and experiencing a new country in the first few months. But the reality is often more complex than that.

Never feel ashamed for your experiences, the experience is yours. This article discusses how you can thrive in a brand new culture.

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How to Handle The Expat Blues?

Being an expat is not always like being on a holiday (even if you have moved to Italy, Provence or another beautiful area of the world:).

But what to do when the EXPAT BLUES hits you? Can it be a sign for personal growth? Here are some notes on that from me.

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