Nóra Szűcs: Wings and roots – living abroad from the Hungarian women’s perspectives


Publisher: Ursus Libris


There are more and more women who are living abroad or are planning to move to a new country. Are they aware of the adventure they will go through in a foreign country? Do they know how tremendous the transformation and personal development they will experience will be? How many adventures they will have? Are they ready for the strange experience of feeling relief and fear at the same time as they are arriving to a new country and they are pulling their only suitcase through a deserted, unknown airport lobby, knowing that they can restart their lives? Maybe as they are slowly leaving the airport terminal with uncertain, insecure steps they don’t even think about that there may be times when they will be lonely or when they feel irritated by locals. These are the normal experiences that everybody goes through who starts his or her life abroad…




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This book is currently available in Hungarian, and it discusses Hungarian women’s experiences.

I am working on its international version, where I explore how women from very different cultural backgrounds experience the same phenomenon such as career, love, integration, the decision process about expatriation, repatriation, etc.