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Living abroad or returning home can be a lonely, isolating experience sometimes. That was why this coaching service has been launched, designed to the specific needs of expatriates and repatriates.


It is good to have someone who accompanies, motivates, encourages and sometimes challenges us on our journey until we find our places abroad, or back, at home.




The first, introductory 30-minute session is for FREE.


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About me: Nóra Szűcs, PhD

It was more than 14 years ago the first time I experienced living in a different country, and since then both my private and professional lives have intertwined with it.

I grew up in Hungary, but I also have experiences with living in Sweden, in the UK, in Germany, and now I have been living in Austria for 7 years, where I have been both researching and lecturing the psychological aspects of an expatriate life at the Vienna University of Business and Economics.  I got my PhD title for studying women's experiences abroad in 2018, and now I am researching men's experiences in a foreign country.  

I have been giving workshops and coaching for both expats and repats since 2011. I see myself as the follower of transactional analysis in my coaching work, which approach has been developed by Eric Berne.  I regularly give presentations about expatriation at international conferences. Beside my academic publications, I have also written a book about Hungarian women's experiences abroad (Wings and Roots: Life abroad with the eyes of Hungarian women), which has been published by Ursus Libris in 2015.