wuInternational Human Resource Management & Organizational Behavior I, Vienna University of Business & Economics:

How multinational companies can decide what type of expatriation form fit to their organizational strategies the most? How they can select the most suitable person for a foreign assignment? How they can support them, as well as their families, so that they can accomplish the assignment successfully, with exchanging knowledge and without indicating a wish for early termination of the assignment? These are just some examples from the questions that we discuss with the students at the lectures.

Global Leadership, Vienna University of Business & Economics:

Today’s globalized world requires leader to develop good relationship and to communicate effectively with sub-ordinates from diverse cultural backgrounds. In this course students learn about cutting - edge research findings, as well as develop their own skills as global leaders regarding such topics like:

  • self-management for global leaders
  • developing empathy towards multinational followers
  • global leader-follower relationship.




2018-                Male expatriates' experiences with freedom

2016- 2018       Female expatriates’ experiences abroad

Research project about how freedom shapes single female expatriates’ experiences 

Relationship with parents

Women with children abroad

2012-2015    Hungarian women abroad

2011- 2015   Sustainability and careers

Is sustainability of careers always desirable? Conditions for sustaining careers 




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2013         What’s in the label: The rise and fall of careers’ concepts – why career theory stumble? EGOS – conference, Montreal, Canada: (with Yehuda Baruch & Hugh Gunz)

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